At PEEL, we are committed to carrying out all our duties in consonance with the most stringent global environmental laws, security requirements and health & safety regulations, and are dedicated to delivering Total Quality Management.

This means pursuing policies and practices that address business, social and environmental concerns. And it means supporting the attainment of strategic objectives that make the communities in which we live and work a better place.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Relationships

While Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) supports the attainment of strategic objectives, it also makes the communities in which we live and work a better place and improves the lives of our customers, employees and partners. We recognize host communities as key stakeholders and by providing job opportunities; we foster local prosperity, capacity and competence.

Environment and Sustainability

PE Energy Limited is committed to pursuing policies and practices that address social and environmental concerns. We endeavour to perform all our duties in consonance with the most stringent global environmental laws, security requirements and health & safety regulations, and are dedicated to delivering Total Quality Management. Sustainability is an integral part of our business at PE Energy. We are committed to creating sustainable shareholder value by ensuring all our activities are carried out competently and in a cost-effective manner.

Environmental Policy

At PE Energy Limited we strive to maintain a clean and healthy environment at all times. We recognise that, as a service oriented company, we have a responsibility to operate in an environmentally sound manner, whilst at the same time protecting the health and safety of our employees and the public.

Our goal is:

• Zero pollution
• Zero spills and environmental releases
• Zero indiscriminate waste disposals and ill-practices
• Efficient Environmental Management Systems and the application of ISO standards
• Protection of the environment is top priority in our operational plans
• Adoption of best practices that guarantee community-friendly operations

We strongly believe that our success is directly linked to the health and safety of our employees, our customers and our reputation as a leader in environmental conservation.

Health & Safety Policy

Safety is a way of life at PE Energy Limited. The health and safety of our employees and the communities in which we work drive all our policies and top management decisions.

That is why we not only endeavour to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, but follow operating procedures that are in line with other health and safety programs and consistent with the highest standards of professional practice.

Management systems have also been developed and are being implemented for safety, which are consistent with internationally recognized standards. These enable:
• Incident Reporting and Investigation
• Training and Safe Operations
• Environmental Protection and Conservation
• Social Performance
• Security

Security Policy

PE Energy Limited strongly believes in the security of its employees and assets, both within and outside the company’s premises – with care and due diligence.

We are also committed to partnering with our clients’ security operatives within the scope of business, so we can ensure that all cases of security and mitigation follow best practices and are geared towards protecting lives and property.

We make it the duty of our employees to protect any company assets in their possession. Furthermore, we ensure that no company property (including records and sensitive information) is divulged to third parties without a written consent and authorization from management or a delegated authority.

PE Energy will continue to liaise with the clients’ Security Department for all security assessment/matters.

What’s more, this policy will be brought to the attention of all employees and is subject to review as the need arises.

Our company security objectives:

• To provide security procedures and practices for all operations to protect lives and properties
• To establish controls which reduce any risk to the assets of our employees, security personnel, visitors  and company.
• To provide employees and security personnel with security awareness and training
• To prepare contingency measures and plan for emergencies relating to possible security challenges.

NCD Policy

PE Energy Limited fully embraces the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Act. This became law in 2010 and provides legislation to ensure the sector is committed to developing Nigerian Content.

The major objective of the Act is to promote local participation in the Oil and Gas industry for the overall benefit of the Nigerian economy – an aim that PE Energy passionately supports. Our own Nigerian Content strategy looks to optimise the use of everything Nigerian, from human resources to materials, equipment and services. We are firm advocates of the country and are dedicated to putting Nigeria at the heart of Nigerian Oil and Gas.

By providing the facilities and strategic location required to enhance the development of Nigerian skilled labour and enterprise, we are:
• Giving priority to the development of local expertise
• Developing a competent framework to achieve a NCD plan for Nigerian talents
• Delivering global exchange programs
• Fast becoming the partner of choice for Oil and Gas companies in Africa.

PE Energy is fully committed to:
• Nigerian Capacity Development
• The domiciliation of our work programs
• Meeting world-class quality standards.

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