Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

Our Vision is to be Africa’s leading energy service company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sustain our growth, profitability and customer confidence, by continually advancing the performance of our operations and the quality of our service delivery.

What we offer you
  • PE Energy has a proud history of delivering global supply chain and project management services, based on integrity, expertise and putting customers first.
  • Our customer-centric approach helps us to develop added value solutions that consistently result in higher levels of productivity and profitability.
  • We perform all our duties in consonance with the most stringent global environmental laws, security requirements and health & safety regulations.
  • Our entrepreneurial attitude and close working links with major OEMS, means we’re able to respond to new challenges faster worldwide.
  • Effective Safety Management plus Total Quality Control and Assurance underscore all our operational procedures.
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