Our Corporate Values


Our Corporate Values



Our Core Values

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Every company that will stand the test of time, whose name will go down the annals of history and will establish indelible footprints in the sands of time, must essentially become value-based; ours is not an exception. Our company rides on the wings of three principal values.

• Character

• Capacity

• Commitment


Every great institution is the lengthened shadow of its founders. Their character determines the character of the entire organization because a little leaven leavens the whole lump. As we cannot risk seeing the reputation we have strived to build with time and effort perishing in split seconds, we strictly and religiously maintain a high level of sincerity, transparency, honesty, dependability, integrity and truthfulness amongst the leadership and staff of this company. Our purpose is guided by our ideas, our actions are defined by our purpose, therefore the habits, formed by our actions, reflect our dignity and create our destiny. Employers and employees alike abide by the same principles of virtue which we perceive as leading to stamina, effectiveness and success, and which we see as a condition sine qua non for all our ventures and deeds.


Our company essentially maintains an uncompromising stand in excellence, skill, competence, vision and flawless job delivery at all times. We believe in updating, upgrading and retraining our staff and management in order to fit into our global vision. Our company is armed with a road map that is marked and our destination has been set to remain fruitful, expand vigorously as a global outfit and dominate in our sphere of operation. We set high standards of quality in management, staff, products and job delivery and we adapt quickly in order to stand out in a business world characterized by constant and rapid improvement. We care more than other competitors in our field and we know it is wise. We take risk in our business and we think it is safe. We dream more than other competitors in our field and we believe it is practicable. We want to assure all our clients and intending clients that our utmost belief in our race of clinching the trophy of quality, capacity and excellence is that we have no finish line.


All great achievers in life and business are those who put the whole of their heart into what they are doing. We, at PE Energy, are committed to excellence, which we perceive as a product of experience, garnered through hard dedicated effort towards a particular goal. We unwaveringly keep our focus on our goal and we deploy all our efforts and capacities in order to achieve it, provided that the means adhere to our ethical principles. It is this excellence, which proceeds on unnegotiable moral standards that we guarantee to offer to all our clients and partners.


Integrity is a way of life at PE Energy Limited.

Whether we are dealing with our customers or business partners, or with each other, we are fully committed to being honest, transparent and ethical in all our business practices.

We are proud to have strong partnerships with all our customers. Furthermore we believe our integrity is a major reason why we are now recognised as a key global supply chain and project management services provider.

It is about showing respect, listening to people, empathising with their needs and problems, and treating others as we would like to be treated.


At PE Energy Limited we see it as our mission to consistently return superior performance in terms of operations, growth and profitability.

With this in mind we have adopted the International ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Standard – a model which is geared towards delivering Quality Assurance in design, development, production, Installation and servicing.

In establishing these standards for quality control, we have set a benchmark for doing business. This confirms that every product and service PE Energy supplies to you, will fully comply with a range of contractual requirements through:

• “Right First Time” service and product delivery

• Efficient Quality control/Quality assurance

• Services and dependability

• Exact Specifications Guaranteed

• In-house materials inspections

• Zero material mismatch

• Efficient Document Control Management System and Warehousing

• Worldwide Responsiveness

In addition, we also encourage all our employees to participate in achieving these stated objectives.

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